Accessing and navigating the module

We have developed this module to optimise the accessibility for all consumers. Should you have any difficulties, please email The Hopkins Centre on:

When viewing the content in this module, you can turn on Accessibility view. This view allows Assistive Technology to access all the content and provide jump locations to assist users to move through the content. [10]

For more information on how to turn on and use Accessibility view including keyboard shortcuts and closed captions, visit ‘Accessibility features in Sway’.

(Please note when you click on the links above and below, they will open the webpage in a new window. When you have finished viewing the webpage, close the window to return to this webpage)

Throughout the module, we will also use Microsoft forms as a way of increasing interactivity and providing feedback.  For information on the accessibility features in place for Microsoft forms, visit the following links:

For information on accessibility features when using Apple devices, visit the following links: