Cate Cameron

Cate Cameron

Dr Cameron has 25 years of experience in clinical allied health practitioner roles, public health and senior epidemiology research positions. Dr Cameron was a recent recipient of a prestigious NHMRC Fellowship.  Her research has focused on three major areas (1) long-term health and psycho-social outcomes following trauma (2) application of data linkage methods and complex large longitudinal data analyses (3) international research on violence against children in conflict zones. Her current interests are in client transitions through health care systems and into the community post-trauma. Whilst working part-time, Dr Cameron has published over a 120 peer-reviewed publications, national and international conference papers and reports, and been awarded over $930,000 in grant funding.

Publications since 2016

1.   Mitchell R, Cameron CM, McClure R (2017) Higher mortality risk among injured individuals in a population-based matched cohort study. BMC Public Health, 17 (1):150.

2.   Cameron CM, Cumsille Nazar J, Ehrlich C, Kendall E Crompton D, Liddy A, Kisely S (2016) General Practitioner management of chronic diseases in adults with severe mental illness: a community intervention trial, Australian Health Review, [Epub ahead of print].

3.    Mitchell R, Cameron CM, McClure R (2016) Quantifying the morbidity and mortality attributable to traumatic injury using a population-based matched cohort in Australia. BMJ Open, 6 (12): e013266.

4.    Burgess J, Cameron CM, Cuttle L, Tyach Z, Kimble R (2016) Inaccurate, inadequate and inconsistent: A content analysis of burn first aid information online, Burns, 42 (8): 1671-1677.

5.    Cameron CM, Spinks AB, Osborne JM, Davey TM, Sipe N, McClure RJ (2016) Recurrent episodes of injury in children: An Australian cohort study, Australian Health Review, doi: 10.1071/AH15193. [Epub ahead of print].

6.    Burgess J, Cameron CM, Watt K, Kimble R (2016) Cool Runnings - an app-based intervention for reducing hot drink scalds: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials, 17 (1):388. doi: 10.1186/s13063-016-1521-z.

7.    Burgess J, Kimble R, Cameron CM, Stockton K (2016) Hot beverage scalds in Australian children:  still simmering 10 years on, Journal of Burn Care and Research, 37 (4): 335-339.

8.    Osborne JM, Davey TM, Spinks AB, McClure RJ, Sipe N, Cameron CM (2016) Child Injury: Does Home Matter? Social Science and Medicine, 153 (3): 250-257.

9.    Werner AK, Watt K, Cameron CM, Vink S, Page A, and Jagals P (2016) All-age hospitalization rates in coal seam gas areas in Queensland, Australia, 1995-2011. BMC Public Health, 16 (1): 125.


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