Melissa Legg

Melissa Legg

Dr Melissa Legg’s research examines access to healthcare and community support from a social psychological perspective. Her current research examines service access and the roles of stigma and peer support in areas of acquired disability and chronic pain, and includes lead Research Fellow on a longitudinal cohort study to examine rehabilitation access trajectories following acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury. Since joining The Hopkins Centre in 2017, Dr Legg has been awarded $390 000 in competitive grant funding.

Prior to joining The Hopkins Centre, Dr Legg worked with the Menzies Health Institute Queensland and Cancer Council Queensland in cancer survivorship. Her PhD, conferred in 2015, examined the use and acceptability of peer support services amongst women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. This involved a prospective and population-based survey on women’s attitudes about peer support and breast cancer and how these influenced their use of services throughout Queensland, Australia.

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