End-of-life care in hematology: Update from Australia

End-of-life care in hematology: Update from Australia

Published 21st August 2013

 McGrath, P

"The purpose of this article is to provide recent findings on the perceptions and experiences about end-of-life care for individuals with a hematological malignancy. A qualitative design based on a series of open-ended interviews and one focus group was utilized to explore and document the experience of survivorship from the perspective of adult patients diagnosed with a hematological malignancy. Fifty participants (n = 26 male; n = 24 female) were interviewed representing the major hematological diagnostic groups: Multiple Myeloma, ymphoma, and Leukemia. The interviews and focus group were recorded, transcribed verbatim, coded, and thematically analyzed. The findings presented are from the participants’
experiences with end-of-life care. The findings indicated that those fortunate enough to know about the benefits of palliative care are more likely to access palliative care during end-of-life care. However, for many hematology patients there are still problems with timely referrals to the palliative system. Within the context of an Australian research program, the findings provide a useful “snapshot” of current issues for Australian hematology patients and their families."


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