BIBS 2022

This years BIBS presentations will be a showcase of the outcomes and impacts of The Hopkins Centre's interdiciplinary and translational work from the last 5 years of research exploring bold ideas that can translate into better solutions for the future. We have researchers and leaders from a diverse range of research and clinical backgrounds disucssing the latest in disability and rehabilitation, including Hopkins partnership projects, insights into care translations, optimising systems, access, dignified participation, innovative strategies for consumer-citizen engagement and co-design in research. You will hear from the speakers below for a stimulating mix of oral presentations from The Centre's flagship programs along with Seed Grant project updates and Clinician Fellowships.

Profile photo of Tim Geraghty

Professor Timothy Geraghty

Medical Chair, Division of Rehabilitation

Metro South Health & Deputy Director, The Hopkins Centre. 


Tim Geraghty is a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician and Medical Chair, Division of Rehabilitation (DoR), Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH), Metro South Health (MSH). He received a Fellowship in the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (Royal Australasian College of Physicians) in 1997. He has been a Staff Specialist in the Queensland Spinal Cord Injuries Service (QSCIS) for 20 years and was the Director from 1999-2009. In 2005, he was instrumental in the establishment of the DoR and remains Medical Chair. He received an academic title of Professor from Griffith University in 2014 and has been Deputy Director and current Co-Director of The Hopkins Centre: Research for Rehabilitation and Resilience since June 2022.

profile photo of Christy Hogan

Dr Christy Hogan

Research Fellow 
The Hopkins Centre


Completing her PhD in 2018, she has worked as an RA on multiple research projects at Griffith University and is currently a Research Fellow at the Hopkins Centre. She inspired and aims to translate research findings into better outcomes for individuals with brain injury, their families, and the professionals that support them. Christy enjoys partnering with and listening to people's stories and experiences of brain injury. 

Profile image of Jessica Bowley

Jessica Bowley

Research Assistant
The Hopkins Centre


Jessica has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and more than ten years’ experience in special education, complex disability support and disability advocacy. She is currently a PhD candidate at Griffith University. Throughout her early career, Jessica worked across a variety of educational, residential, and clinical settings promoting person-centred active support and collaboration, which she is now passionate about translating into her research and into clinical practice. 

Since joining the Hopkins Centre in 2021, Jessica has worked closely with the Allied Health Professions’ Office Queensland on several projects including the Transition to Sub-Acute (T2SA) project, a collaborative project seeking to provide more seamless transition care for patients receiving sub-acute and rehabilitation care, particularly in regional and remote locations. The corresponding outputs of these projects are now being disseminated throughout various clinical networks in Queensland. Jessica is also working closely on a number of projects as a member of the ‘Trajectories of Rehabilitation across Complex Environments (TRaCE) 2.0’ research team. 

Profile image of Kerrin Watter

Dr Kerrin Watter

Clinical Lead - ABI TRS


Kerrin is a clinical practicing speech pathologist with a speciality in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. She currently works as the Clinical Lead for the new Acquired Brain Injury Transitional Rehabilitation Service at PA Hospital.
Kerrin’s interests include evidence based practice, translational research and service delivery models for early brain injury rehabilitation. Kerrin is currently completing her PhD on developing an evidence-based intervention and service delivery model for cognitive-communication reading comprehension deficits in early ABI rehabilitation.

Profile image of Camila Shirota

Dr Camila Shirota

Advanced Queensland Fellow
The Hopkins Centre, MHIQ, Griffith University.


Camila Shirota received her Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University while working at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. During her Ph.D., she investigated able-​bodied and above-​knee amputee balance recovery from tripping perturbations during walking. She was then a post-doctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, where she was involved in studies using powered exoskeletons to better understand unimpaired walking, and to restore locomotor function in people with spinal cord injury. She was also a researcher at the University of Zurich, where she studied the use of technology to support unsupervised gait training in stroke survivors.


Ameila Tan

Profile image of Kelsey Chapman

Kelsey Chapman

Dignity Project Research Lead, Researcher and PhD Candidate 


Kelsey is the research lead of The Dignity Project Flagship program at The Hopkins Centre. She is also the lead researcher on a new collaboration with the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Kelsey specialises in human rights research, disability research and rights, critical disability theory, and dignity theory. She has extensive experience in ethics, governance, and data management and security as well as supporting fellow researchers in project and research management.