Module Toolkit and resources

There are downloadable resources throughout the topics in this learning module. For your convenience, we have provided an index of these resources here.  You can save these resources for your future reference!

Here is an index of these resources:

Topic 1 Introduction to research and consumer involvement

  • Terminology table

Topic 2 The research cycle

  • Searching for evidence fact sheet
  • Research process – self-reflection quetions for each stage of the research cycle
  • Research process summary

Topic 3 - The continuum of involvement 

  • Video transcript ‘What you should expect from consumer involvement’
  • Video transcript ‘Navigating consumers roles'
  • Decision making checklist for consumer involvement in research

Topic 4 - Opportunities for consumer involvement

  • Example consent form
  • Example participant information sheet

Topic 5 - Worrking as part of the research team

  • Video transcript from ‘Interview with consumer advicate Lindsay'
  • Decision making checklist for consumer involvement in research 
  • Tip sheet for team meetings
  • Example individual support plan

Topic 6 - Introduction to working with data

  • Tip sheet for interviews
  • Tip sheet for focus groups
  • Video transcript from ‘Showing the data with ice cream’ video