The dishes can wait: A young mother's reflection post-PhD

The dishes can wait: A young mother's reflection post-PhD

Published 26th May 2012

I envy full-time doctoral students, privileged to spend most days oncampus, focusing solely on their research project. Completing a PhD isnot for the faint-hearted; it is mostly a self-inicted journey paved withmany obstacles. While there is much celebration when the title of ‘Doctor’ is nally prexed to one’s name, there are limited opportunitiesto reect on arduous times and share the realities of student-hood. What does it actually mean to be a research student in this day and age?I was a PhD candidate from 2006 to 2011 at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Asmar (1999, p. 267) succinctly describeshow ‘[t]he PhD degree which is supposed to open up the magic doors toan academic career is not attained without pain’. During those ve years,I worked in the multicultural eld, got married, established myself as a newly arrived skilled migrant in Australia, and had a baby. Each of thosesituations presented specic obstacles to ultimately submitting my thesis,and I experienced them concurrently. Some would say I love a challenge.


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