Hopkins Clinical Fellowship 2020 - NOW OPEN

Clinical Fellowships are an integral part of The Hopkins Centre’s approach to embedded models of research that promote continuous, positive relationships and interactions between clinicians, researchers and other key end-users of research. The aim is to develop and maintain a credible exchange of scholarship and knowledge transfer to benefit rehabilitation services and the people who utilise these services. The objectives of Clinical Fellowships are to increase clinician-led research to ensure close links between practice and research, build research capacity and optimise translation opportunities in the area of rehabilitation.

The primary focus of Fellowships is research that improves outcomes for people living with the long-term consequences of acquired brain injury, amputation, persistent pain, and spinal cord injury as well as developmental, age-related and other life-long disabling conditions. It includes people’s networks of support. Applications are open to a range of disciplines including medicine, nursing, allied health and clinicians at any stage of their career. There is one Fellowship opportunity now available. Please review the Guideline and EOI form to check your eligibility.

Submit your EOI for a Clinical Fellowship by 4 September 2020 to The Hopkins Centre at hopkinscentre@griffith.edu.au

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