The Hopkins Centre

Research for Rehabilitation and Resilience

The Hopkins Centre (THC) is leading translation research nationally in the field of rehabilitation and severe disability renowned for our research methods that bring service users, clinicians and researchers together to develop practical solutions that promote measurable improvements for recovery and resilience.
At THC our membership of citizens, researchers and service practitioners drive our unique research in evidence based practice for support for people in rehabilitation and with severe disability. It is through the lens of our four research programs that we bring this holistic approach to life, ensuring that the systems and support structures for people with severe disability are there throughout their life. 

Research Programs: 


The Centre has several hubs in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Logan. The combination of these locations facilitate opportunities for knowledge exchange and research excellence, building sustainable collaborations between experienced rehabilitation clinicians, expert academic researchers, community practitioners, policy-makers, citizens and service-users.

Hexagonal images of the 3 hubs including their names.

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