Community Hub

Join our growing collaborative platform, The Community Hub, where diverse people come together in a supportive and accepting community to design a bolder and better society.

About the Community Hub

The Community Hub is a private group where members can participate in fortnightly forums, surveys, discussions and conversation in order to generate research, address the topics of greatest concern to people with disabilities, and work together to deliver meaningful outcomes and social change that promote dignity. The Community Hub is moderated by citizen scienitist Joe-Anne Kek-Pamenter. The moderator publishes monthly blogs about issues and information that affect dignity.

To join the Community Hub, please click on the link below that says “Join the Community Hub”. This will take you to a short survey where you can register your interest. Your request to join will be approved within 5 business days by one of our team members.

We are continuing to work with Microsoft to ensure that The Community Hub is accessible to the greatest diversity of people, however, we recognise that some may experience barriers. Please contact us to discuss any problems you may have. User testing for this platform was completed by members of The Hopkins Centre Ambassador’s Council and the Centre for Accessibility Ltd., under the direction of Dr. Scott Hollier.

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Contact The Dignity Project Research Team at or online here, if you have project questions or issues.