Tiffany Middleton: My Story

Tiffany Middleton: My Story

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My story begins in 2013 when I fell off my bike as I was navigating a pathway. I had cycled the path many times before, but a split-second decision to give way changed my life. I broke my tibia and fibula in my right ankle and required emergency realignment then surgery (Weber Type C – worst category said the A&E doctor).

For three years following my accident, medical decisions were managed by a work rehab officer and Work Cover. During this period, I had multiple surgeries to correct major nerve and muscle damage as well as tendon issues. It was a series of surgery, rehab and work at reduced capacity from a wheelchair, crutches or a walking cane. Looking back, it was the moment when I was examined by an independent orthopaedic surgeon that I had never felt more undignified. In a matter of minutes, I was labelled as someone with a disability and left feeling vulnerable – as I had limited understanding of what that meant for me. During the examination the doctor pushed and prodded my injured limb, telling me to relax – which was easier said than done! My scars marked the spot, but I had to hold back tears while he inspected my entire leg with a stony face and took me past my pain threshold. Unbeknown to me, this was only just the beginning of my journey and most of the damage was below the surface.

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