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Dimensional Attention Modelling for Neglect Detection (DIAMOND study): A novel application for brain injury

Posted on Wednesday 18th August 2021

Cognitive disability following brain injury often remains hidden yet has profound consequences for the individual. This project focuses on a condition known as unilateral spatial neglect, which often follows brain injury and causes an inability to pay attention to visual space opposite to the injury. A classic symptom is that a person with neglect may only eat food from one side of their plate. Neglect is not simply a problem with vision since the person can locate objects when these appear in isolation. Instead, neglect reflects a problem of control – the neural connections allowing goal-directed action have been selectively affected. Neglect is among the most significant predictors of functional recovery following brain injury and results in difficulties returning to employment and independent living, among other areas.

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Wednesday 18th August 2021    

Research on the impact of paediatric traumatic brain injury on self-awareness

Posted on Tuesday 17th August 2021

The publication addresses the issue of whether it is beneficial for children to develop self-awareness of their abilities after brain injury. In other words, does accurate self-awareness help them to adjust and develop greater independence in the home and at school or does this place them at risk of emotional distress and self-concept problems?  

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Tuesday 17th August 2021    

Brain Injury Awareness Week BIAW21: Julia Robertson's story

Brain Injury Awareness Week BIAW21: Julia Robertson's story

Posted on Monday 16th August 2021

This week’s Hopkins Dignity Project guest, Julia Robertson, has had two brain injuries and share her story this Brain Injury Awareness Week BIAW21.

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Monday 16th August 2021     Brain Injury Awareness Week, BIAW21, Julia Robertson,

Brain Injury Awareness Week

Brain Injury Awareness Week

Posted on Sunday 15th August 2021

This week is Brain Injury Awareness Week #BIAW201. At The Hopkins Centre, over half of our research projects focus on brain injury, so this week is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of finding new ways of working in this complex area. Our partner organisations, our Ambassadors and our talented clinicians and academics are all doing their bit to advance brain injury awareness and rehabilitation.

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Ballet pilot to benefit those living with a brain injury

Posted on Tuesday 10th August 2021

A tailored dance program for people living with a brain injury, delivered in partnership with Hopkins Centre, Griffith University, Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre and Citrine Sun Entertainment.

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Tuesday 10th August 2021     Brain Injury, Ballet, Research

Hopkins Hour: Engaging Citizens in Hopkins Research

Posted on Monday 9th August 2021

This online event session is a version of the recently postponed Meet and Mingle event, focusing on citizen engagement in research. Hear from Hopkins researchers and citizens about citizen engagement in research and the importance of meaningful inclusion to inform and enhance research.

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Monday 9th August 2021     Hopkins Hour, Citizen Engagement, Dignity Project

Hopkins Hour: Partnering for Excellence in Inclusive Childcare within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

Posted on Sunday 8th August 2021

Partnering for Excellence in Inclusive Childcare within the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

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Sunday 8th August 2021     Hopkins Hour, Research

BIBS21 virtual – Webinar One - Bold ideas better solutions 2021

Posted on Friday 6th August 2021

The focus this year is translating bold ideas into better solutions for the wellbeing of people with complex rehabilitation needs and life-ling support needs, their families, and advocates. With the theme across all online sessions of, ‘Participation in Dignity’.

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