Kirsty Laurie

Kirsty Laurie

PhD Candidate and Research Fellow

Kirsty has a keen interest in health research, particularly with a focus on disadvantaged populations. Prior to her work in disability, she focused on the quality of life and psychological outcomes of people who had been diagnosed with chronic disease and cancer.

She currently undertaking a PhD focusing on the personal experience of access to post-acute rehabilitation services for people with an acquired brain injury. The particular focus is on the patterns, network and impact of realised service access and how these relate to perceptions of appropriateness. She also have a keen interest in using technology to facilitate research processes and am currently managing a cloud-based database for the tracking of patients coming through the in-patient rehabilitation units.

Kirsty is inspired in her work by seeing how those who have been diagnosed with disease, or had their lives changed by injury, are still willing to give their time to engage in research that might help improve outcomes for those who are going through something similar.

Kirsty surprises everyone with her favourite film genre of horror, the gorier the better! She spends her time as a run of the mill Queenslander, going to the beach or camping in the summer time and staying inside and complaining in the winter time.

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