Samantha Borg

Samantha Borg

Senior Research Assistant

Hopkins Centre Griffith University and PhD candidate, Queensland University of Technology

Samantha has a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and is currently undergoing her PhD in the prevalence and economic burden of opioid prescribing in adult spinal cord injury populations, at QUT. 

Samantha has been a Research Assistant since 2013, having been involved with a range of health services research projects, including integrated primary-secondary models of care and primary care improvement tools through the University of Queensland. Since joining the Hopkins Centre in 2017, Samantha has been part of the ‘Making complex interfaces work for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)’ research team. This project broadly focused on how NDIS funded supports are provided and how they fit together, and aimed to uncover more about interface tensions and gaps and identify where coordination incentives and supports are needed to safeguard efficiencies and choice. Samantha is currently working on the ‘International Spinal Cord Injury (InSCI) Community Survey’, which is a World Health Organisation project that aims to contribute to, and strengthen, internationally comparable data about the experiences of people living in the community with spinal cord injury. The second wave of this survey is currently being developed and is anticipated for 2023.

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