BEEHIVE Neurorehabilitation Lab

About the Project

This project has a dedicated lab at Gold Coast University Hospital, lead by neuroscience expert, Professor Heidi Zeeman. The project tests virtual reality (VR) software and hardware in the rehabilitation setting. It focuses on a suite of VR systems and related hardware, providing brain injury and stroke patients with enriched sensory experiences, opportunities to practice cognitive and motor skills in revolutionary ways, with an objective and naturalistic means of promoting and assessing recovery.

Aligned with the research stream, positive environments and communities, this project will bring an evidence-based understanding of how ernriched environments can promote optimum functioning after injury or illness in cognitive, motor, sensory and how social capacity will provide opportunities for enriched experiences from hospital to home. This project aims to do this through:

  • Advances in technology and neuro-feedback mechanisms to build neuroscientific evidence and knowledge in rehabilitation
  • Optimising recovery and rehabilitation through enrichment principles and neuroplasticity research
  • Testing new tools and processes with rehabilitation clinicians at the Gold Coast University Hospital


The BEEHIVE project is a collaborative initative, in partnership with The Hopkins Centre (THC), Menzies Health Institute of Queensland, Griffith University, Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH), and Microsoft. This project establishes THC and Griffith University as one of the few Australian research institutions taking this unique approach to rehabilitation, aligning the strengths of the clinical unit at GCUH with a strong project team, led by Professor Heidi Zeeman.


The project is currently funded through the project partnership and infrastructure grant from Griffith University.



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