Impact of central obesity and body composition on energy needs and wound healing in people with spinal cord injury undergoing surgical repair of chronic pressure injuries

About the Project

This novel study will profile the body composition of SCI patients with chronic PIs and indicate if there is a relationship between body composition (central obesity, fat mass and fat free mass), severity and post-surgical healing of chronic PIs. This will facilitate a better understanding of the potential benefit of “pre-habilitation” therapies targeted at enhancing body composition pre-surgery.

The aim of this study is to create an evidence base for nutrition prescription for patients undergoing surgical repair of pressure injuries and subsequent wound healing. It will assist in implementing assessment of body compositions a component of pre-surgical assessment which may identify those patients who could be at risk of poor wound healing, extended length of stay and who may potentially benefit from “pre-habilitation” therapies.


This project has established new collaborations between the PAH Spinal Unit, academic expertise in body composition with health professional from medicine, nursing and dietics working in a real world clinical academic rehabilitation setting.


Preliminary data has been collected on n=6, with an aim to recruit a total of 15 people.


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