Person-centred care in a digital environment: An exploration of health professional use and experience of integrated electronic medical records (ieMRs) in spinal injury rehabilitation settings

About the Project

Integrated electronic medical records (ieMR) are transforming healthcare systems around the world. Front-line clinicians are essential to successful implementation and therefore offer critical insights into the work involved and what can facilitate and impede implementation. An unknown implementation issue for clinicians is the compatability of ieMR with person-centred care (PCC). The aim of this study is to explore how rehabilitation professionals are working with ieMRs and their experiences of maintaining a PCC approach across service interfaces. Drawing on Normalisation Process Theory (NPT) and using observation and interview methods, the study focuses on the work of implementation of ieMRs by frontline clinicians in spinal injury rehabilitation. The findings will inform training and practice guidelines and indicate technical solutions to support PCC.

The proposed impact of the study would provide better understanding of digital services on DoR (Department of Rehabilitation) patients.

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