Transforming a research idea to a research project and beyond: the impact of a masterclass on facilitating research participation among rehabilitation nurses

About the Project

This project aims to measure the impact of the masterclass on practising rehabilitation nurses’ research experience, confidence, interest and opportunity and to explore rehabilitation nurses’ experiences of engagement with a research process.

The project offers a supported process of capacity-building in practising rehabilitation nurses to plan, conduct and complete bottom-up research projects. It aims to provide nurses with greater skills and confidence for conducting quality research, and enhanced profile through publishing, presenting and seeking research funding.

Benefits include:

  • Consolidation and expansion of rehabilitation nurses' research skills and experience.
  • Strengthened capacity for nurse-led rehabilitation research.
  • Stronger orientation to evidence-based rehabilitation nursing practice.
  • Enhanced quality in rehabilitation service provision and support for patients and their family/carers.

Project Findings:

Rehabilitation nurses understand the importance of evidence-based nursing practice. They also have around-the clock contact with their patients, so are better informed than other health professionals regarding patients' day-to-day rehabilitation challenges and how they might be prioritised and addressed, from the patient's perspective. The Masterclass provides an opportunity for them to refresh and extend their research knowledge and skills, and to initiate and lead research that is relevant to direct patient care. The overarching purpose of this project is to secure better quality care for those who depend on rehabilitation nurses in their progress toward discharge and beyond - the patients and their family members and carers.

The 2018 group showed positive change in all 4 domains by the advanced workshop; The self-rated value of both 2018 Masterclass workshops indicated only positive ratings; A poster was presented at the 2018 Hopkins Centre Symposium regarding these results. Click to view the poster.


Project Funding and Support:

With funding for human and material resources, the Masterclass model can continue to be operationalised and evolve in future years. As the currently active and developing projects reach completion and the results are disseminated, this can contribute to a greater recognition of the value and expertise of rehabilitation nursing as a specialty.

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