Risk Feeding: An Australian Pediatric Palliative Care Perspective

Risk Feeding: An Australian Pediatric Palliative Care Perspective

Published 24th April 2020

Claire Radford, Jeanne Marshall, Anthony Herbert, Helen Irving and Kelly Weir

Purpose: This article explores the challenges of risk feeding from an Australian Paediatric Palliative Care perspective. There is currently limited evidence to guide risk feeding in pediatric clinical practice. Therefore, this article uses evidence from the adult palliative and end-of-life care context (extrapolating to pediatric application), in addition to the authors' clinical experience in supporting children and their families with risk feeding. Recommendations for the clinical management of pediatric risk feeding are discussed, including the suggested focus for families and the interprofessional team along the different phases of the palliative care continuum.

Conclusion: There is currently limited information to guide decision making regarding risk feeding in pediatrics. Overall, in the absence of evidence-based practice guidelines, it is the authors' recommendation that a risk feeding plan is developed in consultation and collaboration with the family, treating physician, and interprofessional team. Further research is required to support guidance for clinicians working in this area.



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Journal Article