COVID 19 Impact and Future

The COVID - 19 pandemic has sparked interesting conversations within the disability community. The last truly global pandemic was the 1918 Influenza pandemic, a time of extreme negative attitudes and widespread institutionalisation of people with disability. Since then, strong disability rights movements have been established in countries around the world with activists asking for basic human rights and inclusion.

Short Video from The Project, on protecting our volunerable.

Asks like subsidized universally designed housing, better access and policy within health care services, clinics and hospitals and greater support and training for healthcare staff and support workers have always been on the agenda. In more recent times, asks have extended to the digital and the online world. They include; better, increased and enforced online accessibility across the board and improved remote work and education systems and policies.

At a time when all human beings are feeling vulnerable, those who are already at risk of vulnerability through system failures or physical and attitudinal barriers, have the potential to fall off the radar. The common feeling amongst activists and community members at this time is frustration, the frustration that if their asks had been implemented, all people, with and without disability would be in a much better situation right now.

The big question is, will COVID – 19 fast track the changes we need as a community of people with disability and have lasting effects on inclusion or will the adaptations being made to work within COVID – 19 regulations remain as pandemic action plans only?


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