Hopkins Hour Event Resources: Engaging Citizens in Hopkins Research

Thank you to everyone who joined the virtual Hopkins Hour live event on Thursday 19 August 2021, about 'Engaging Citizens in Hopkins Research'.

Presented by Hopkins Researchers Michael Norwood, Kelsey Chapman, and Dr Camila Shirtoa. Along with Clinical Researcher Soo Oh from the HabITec, at PA Hospital; Co-researcher Angel Dixon OAM and citizens involved in research at The Hopkins Centre.

In this session, researchers and citizens shared the importance of meaningful citizen engagement in Hopkins research to inform and enhance research. Presentations covered the research journey, citizen engagement and feedback for each project.

In citizen-led research, the consumer ethics seed project was also proud to launch a community resource for Australians who live with a disability. Sharing the research journey in co-designing resources in partnership with citizen researchers and people with lived experience, to assist people with disability in deciding whether to participate in research and supporting inclusion of vulnerable people in research. Click here to read, view or download the resource booklet and learn more about the project.

Dignity Project: 

HabITec: www.habitec.com.au

Consumer Ethics Project: www.hopkinscentre.edu.au/project/supporting-ethical-inclusion-of-people-with-92

Launch of community resource: www.hopkinscentre.edu.au/news-view/launch-of-a-community-resource-for-australians-318


Those who missed the live event, you can view the video recording below, along with other accessible event resources shared:

Event video recording

Press CC button on the bottom right of the video screen to enable closed captions.


    Promotional video about participating in research               Jillian Kingsford-Smith shares her citizen research
   proudly produced by THC research Dr Daniel Harvie              experience and feedback from the project.


PowerPoint Presentation – Consumer ethics project

PowerPoint Presentation – HabITec

PowerPoint Presentation – The Dignity Project 

Event Transcript and Q&A - will be available very soon

Please note - Microsoft predicts about 90% accuracy on their auto-caption service, but this will depend on your accent and your enunciation. The live event captions are not 100% accurate in translation from presenter audio to captions, but we are developing further accessible resources to improve this.


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