Hopkins Hour - “Imagine, Explore, Experiment, Engage” – Facilitating Meaningful Activity Across the Spectrum from Patient to Person

The Hopkins Centre hosted a virtual live Hopkins Hour event - "Imagine, Explore, Experiment, Engage" Facilitating meaningful activity across the spectrum from patient to person - on 26 October, 2022.

This Hopkins Hour event was led by Dr Nicholas Aitcheson a Pain and Rehabilitation Specialist from Metro South Pain Rehabilitation Centre who opened the discussion by orienting the Imagine, Explore, Experiment, Engage framework within the existing bio-phsycho-social model. He discussed the importance of a person-centered approach and the importance for clients to have their pain understood in the context of a socio-psycho-biomedical approach. He posited some possible reasons why this is not happening (yet) and outlined how the Imagine, Explore, Experiment, Engage framework provides a socially-targeted way of engaging patients.

Dr Aitcheson was joined by a panel of speakers: 

Suzanne outlined what social prescribing is and how the STEPs Program fits with this model of care, including a shift from reliance on the health system to enabling people to take more responsibility and be empowered in finding their wellbeing through the rehabilitation process. She also discussed enablers and barriers to community participation. 

Karen Hannah shared a touching story from her own lived experience of Acquired Brain Injury and as a STEPs peer leader. 

Tim McCallum spoke to his learnings in wearing the many hats that he wears as a survivor of a C4 spinal injury, to a healthcare consumer, to a singing conductor and therapist for people suffering spinal cord injuries, and more. He talked to the importance of a having a person-centered approach - including enabling clients to feel listened to and empowered - in rehabilitation and how this enabled him to experience what meaningful recovery looks, sounds and feels like. He also discussed his involvement in a number of Hopkins Centre projects such as the Hospital to Home project and the Signing Cords project.

Together, the group discussed the potential for the Imagine, Explore, Experiment, Engage framework to be used across the rehabilitation spectrum of care. 


Watch the recording below. 

 Please find the PowerPoint slides for this event.

 Please find the transcript from the presentations here. 



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