Singing Cords: Peer led group singing to enhance breathing, voice and wellbeing

About the Project

Hopkins Centre CIs Co-Investigators: Kate Martin, Yoon Irons, Brooke Wadsworth, Tim McCallum, Col Mackereth, Brooke Duggan, Tiffany Newson
Objective: A pilot peer led singing program to enhance breathing, voice and well-being for people with Spinal Cord Injury.  
Status: The team carried out 5 informal peer led singing events, linked with Griffith University Film school to produce short funding appeal and also recruitment video. These short video to released for funding appeal and also for recruitment of participants through social media channels and direct contact.
Check out the peer led Singing Cords film and information on the program that is making a difference in the lives of people with spinal cord injury. 
 Click here to download Project Flyer
This project has been developed by Tim McCallum who is a professional performer and singer. Tim also experienced a spinal cord injury 20 years ago resulting in his dependence on power wheelchair for mobility and sensory and motor dysfunction of a tetraplegic nature. The involvement also of peer support worker Col Mackereth ensures this project is run with user experience and engagement at the forefront.Participation in singing program with peers may enhance wellbeing, voice and breathing.
This project involves newly injured people with SCI in conjunction with those living with SCI for many years. The pilot study will provide valuable information to allow us to evaluate whether peer led group singing should be included in the rehabilitation journey and it’s impact on individuals.
This is a unique project, with the idea and design of the project  completed by a person with tetraplegia who is a professional singer. It is based on his personal experience and also involvement in initial study from Austin Hospital. 

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