Peer-led program something to sing about in Rehab!

The first official singing cords program launched last month in early September, with a full cohort of participants  involved in the program at the Spinal Injuries Unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital. With the program just over the half way, it has been a welcomed delight to hear the sounds of song filling the corridors of the Spinal Injuries Unit. The program meets twice a week for 12 weeks, with the current program due to finish at the end of November 2019.

Peer led by singer, performer and THC Ambassador Tim McCallum, the program uses the power of song to help enhance respiratory functions such as breathing and voice in people with spinal cord damage. Feedback from some participants and project team members so far, highlight the program providing great peer support, as well as the opportunity to learn new skills, education and improvement in vocal and breathing ability.

Tim McCallum, said the pilot program’s findings will provide direction on how best to deliver music and singing therapy as part of rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury into the future.

“We are blown away to have ten active songbirds who will come to PAH every Tuesday and Thursday for the program. Myself as vocal coach along with a physiotherapist, speech pathologist and leisure therapist are here to encourage the group to have fun and learn to optimise their respiratory function and voice whilst hopefully enjoying the benefits of peer group therapy” he said. 

Stay tuned to hear more about the program making a difference in the lives of people with spinal cord injury. 

Check out the peer led Singing Cords film below and information on the program HERE. 



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