Heidi Zeeman

Principal Research Fellow

Menzies Health Institute

Professor Heidi Zeeman is a Principal Research Fellow at the Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University. Prof Zeeman has conducted applied research in the area of Neuro-rehabilitation over the past 17 years, beginning her career as a clinical neuropsychologist. Her research has centred on understanding the experiences of people following catastrophic injury and illness and the environments in which they live, recover and work. In partnership with architects, construction professionals, neuroscientists, artists and access consultants, she is currently pursuing research into how built environments (particularly public infrastructure, greenspace, workplaces) can be further optimised for the general population, inclusive of people with neurosensitivities.

Prof Heidi Zeeman has engaged in multi-year evaluations of major public health programs and health facilities in Australia over the past decade and outcomes of these evaluations have included workforce training programs, predictive models of health, guidelines for practice and tools for assessment. She is a recipient of multiple competitive grants and research excellence awards over her academic career including a number of Australian Research Council grants, a Fulbright Scholarship (2014), and Churchill Scholarship (2009). She is widely published in international journals. Contact details:  h.zeeman@griffith.edu.au

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