Sustainable Cognitive-Enriching Specialised Disability Accommodation

About the Project

Getup Close is a micro-community-residence with three sustainable cognitive-enriching universally-designed independent-living spaces – targeting compliance beyond Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA, all-
categories), Living Housing Australia (LHA Platinum), and GreenStar for Homes (GBCA’s rating for leading/world-best-practice sustainable buildings). The project responds to the lack of sustainable inclusive accommodation (incl. SDA options), and a lack of SDA accommodation in relationship with nature and community.

Located within a world-renowned and award-winning EcoVillage community, the dwelling is implementing high-performance sustainability credentials, embracing the healing properties and beauty of nature. Reportedly, potentially the first sustainable SDA/LHA GS EcoVillage development in Australia.

The project aims to be an exemplar for cognitive-enriching design, and a ‘Living Lab’, presenting numerous (longitudinal) research opportunities (design, health, social, sustainability, governance) over its lifetime. The typical prototype is designed for repetition beyond this site, with the opportunity for singular to multiple scale developments. This project consists of three: one x STA-MTA (Short-Term (1-2 weeks) to Mid-Term (up to approx.6-months) Accommodation) for rehabilitation, respite and leisure; and two x SDA for permanent residents. The ‘Living
Lab’ aims to provide accommodation for 2-50 people per year with varying disabilities.

This project is in the final stages of design, with approvals and construction preliminaries to follow.

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