Describing the use of Technology in Rehabilitation in a Queensland Tertiary Hospital and Healthcare Setting

About the Project

HabITec is a new model of change for people with disabilities to collaborate in this socio-technical space to expand their skills and abilities using technologies to engage and enhance their independence and quality of life. This research study aims to explore the current drive for the need and demand for technologies in the rehabilitation setting as well as exploring the change and the impacts the HabITec Lab has had on patients and clinicians working in this field. The HabITec Lab is in its development phases and this study is imperative to gauge the need for a socio-technical space embedded within a hospital setting.  

The HabITec Lab is a Metro South Health approved 12 month pilot project and the findings of this study will help inform larger studies and projects to provide a foundation for the future development of HabITec. 

Research Team 

Ms Soo Oh, Advanced Occupational Therapist, Clinical Fellow, The Hopkins Centre, Clinical lead – HabITec 

Professor Elizabeth Kendall, The Hopkins Centre, Menzies Health Institute Qld  

Ms Mary Whitehead, Occupational Therapy Department, Princess Alexandra Hospital 



Occupational Therapy Department and Division of Rehabilitation, Metro South Health 

Motor Accident Insurance Commission 

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