HabITec: The sociotechnical space

About the Project

Why is HabITec needed?

There are million of products, technologies and devices that could be used by people with disabilities to improve their lives, support their recovery and promote independence in the context of rehabilitation and in their own homes. People with disabilities often are not aware of how these products can be relevant to them or how it can enhance their quality of life. 

What is HabITec?

HabITec is a safe socio-technological space where researchers, designers, developers, practitioners and consumers collaborate to provide tailored and innovative technological solutions. It is an initiative by the Hopkins Centre and the Occupational Therapy department at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. It is a virtual space as well as a physical space and the HabITec Lab will be located at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. 

How will HabITec improve lives?

Ensuring a practical space for sharing and integrating ideas and knowledge among all stakeholders. 
Providing support for practitioners, consumers, their families and carers to trial technology and enable participation through meaningful activities. 
Allowing opportunities for stakeholders to test, trial and refine new technologies to achieve meaningful goals. 
Enhancing ongoing support for continued updating and use of new technology as well as linking in other agencies in the community


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Organisations and collaborators

HabITec is a joint initiative of The Hopkins Centre and the Occupational Therapy Department and Division of Rehabilitation at Metro South Health, and Menzies Health Institute Queensland, at Griffith University.

In collaboration with this joint initative, the project is collaborating with the Innovation Design Centre, Griffith University; Microsoft Health and other valued Hopkins Centre Affiliate Partners and Ambassador representatives.


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