Implementing and sustaining practice change in disability and rehabilitation support systems

Implementation workshops that were held at Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) and Griffith University Southbank campus on 22nd and 23rd November, with over 35 people in attendance. Dr Julia Moore and Sobia Khan were excellent and knowledgeable presenters who were adept at contextualising implementation science into real world contexts for people. Julia and Sobia are leaders in the field of practical use of implementation science and the translation of knowledge into practice. They shared a frightening statistic, that most evidence takes about 17 years to translate into practice, and then even scarier was the thought that the evidence that is being used by some clinicians in some areas might in fact be 17 years old.

Participant workshop comments below:

“Great Presenter, very engaged, the role play was good! Generated the right discussions”

“Engaging presenters, activities related well to the content”

“Pace, was good, liveliness of delivery, enough detail, opportunity to ask questions as we go, linking it to real life examples and story-telling”

Participant comments about one thing they were taking away from the workshop and put into practice

“Provide my leaders with bite sized info they can share further up the executive line”

“Rework one of my project plans as there needs to be better stakeholder buy in”

“Incorporate change behaviour skills from multiple disciplines in research”

Click here to download a copy of the presentation.


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