Embrace diversity and rethink disability: a free online course

Discover how rehabilitation counsellors help people with disadvantage or disability realise their vocational potential.

Enrolments are now open for a free Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) called Realising Career Potential: Rethinking Disability. This MOOC will expose learners to the way rehabilitation counsellors help people with disability or disadvantage realise their vocational potential. Griffith University Rehabilitation and Case Management experts, Dr Vanette McLennan and Dr Christine Randall, aim to showcase the benefits of enabling people with disability or disadvantage to participate fully in society. 

Dr McLennan said discrimination and stigmatisation are still rife in the workplace and community, particularly when it comes to people with disability. “People don’t realise how much workplaces and communities benefit when everyone has the opportunity to participate fully in our society,” she said. “Too often, misconceptions about disability get in the way. “Workplace attitudes, flexibility and technologies can make a real difference.”

The MOOC is available on FutureLearn, a platform that will connect individuals from around the world enabling them to discuss key issues in disability today. Dr McLennan and Dr Randall will lead the discussions and provide tools to help people become part of this global movement. “It’s all about raising awareness of the importance of participation for all,” Dr McLennan said.

Visit https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/rehabilitation-counselling to enrol.

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