Chinese Parents’ Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chinese Parents’ Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Published 10th November 2019

Shanling Su, Jessica Paynter & Linda Gilmore

This study investigated family perceptions of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in China. A survey with open-ended questions assessing knowledge of ASD and its causes was distributed via nine ASD organisations across five different cities in Southern China. Results were analysed from a total of 104 Chinese caregivers who reported on their children or grandchildren with an ASD diagnosis. The results suggested that a large proportion of these families had limited understanding of ASD. A number of misconceptions were also evident within the sample. A tendency to blame themselves for their child’s condition may have been further exacerbated by cultural expectations of the parental role. The implications of these findings in addressing misconceptions about ASD in China are discussed.


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Journal Article