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Bold ideas, better solutions 2018 displayed how The Hopkins Centre is leading the way in rehabilitation research in Australia. Our mission to improve personalised rehabilitation to allow people to take control of their recovery and lives is impacting on the type of research that is conducted and how it is translated to benefit our community. Bold ideas, better solutions 2019 promises to be even better.

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Below is a copy of symposium proceedings, images, documents and posters. Recordings from the event will be available shortly.

Symposium Handbook

Symposium Abstract booklet

Professional images from the day

Research Poster Display

Take your time to check out the showcase of posters highlighting the research topic range from promoting positive environments, optimising service systems, through to enhancing engagement and developing sustainable frontline capacity.

Research Poster Showcase - complete copy

Factors that contribute to nurses’ wellbeing in tertiary mental health care - Assoc. Prof. Carolyn Ehrlich, The Hopkins Centre
Consumer engagement in healthcare - Assoc. Prof. Carolyn Ehrlich, The Hopkins Centre
Integrating technology into a new acquired brain injury rehabilitation service - Gisela Brittain, Queensland Health
Fostering self-management within an upper limb therapy group - Carly Gomura, Queensland Health
Delivery of persistent pain management to people with a refugee backgound - Assoc. Prof. Saras Henderson, Griffith University
How can hospital environments support self-management for stroke survivors and their care-givers? - Kylie Bower, Queensland Health
Identifying dispersion of disability services in relation to people with disability in greenspace - Dr Ali Lakhani, The Hopkins Centre
Filling the transitional care gap - Dr Mandy Nielsen, Queensland Health
Partnering with consumers - Dr Mandy Nielsen, Queensland Health
Predictors of self-rated health post-injury: findings from claimants in Queensland - Dr Srinivas Teppala, The Hopkins Centre
Designing accessible educational resources for people with Spinal Cord Injury - Michael Todorovic
Addressing client needs through interdisciplinary multi-site groups in Acquired Brain Injury Transitional Rehabilitation Service - Nina Wegener, Metro South Health
Staff experiences of concerning, complex and challenging behaviour in rehabilitation settings: Supporting our frontline workforce - Dr Karleigh Kwapil, Metro South Health
How is this working for you? Early insights from a masterclass to advance frontline rehabilitation nursing research - Dr Letitia Burridge, The Hopkins Centre
Perceived costs and benefits of mandating and regulating Livable Housing Design - Dr Courtney Wright, The Hopkins Centre
Housing for people with an acquired brain or spinal injury: Mapping the Australian funding landscape - Dr Courtney Wright, The Hopkins Centre
The process of patient engagement in cardiac rehabilitation programs - Sepideh Jahandiedeh, Griffith University
Introducing the My Accessible Home resource: a technological platform to assist consumers in making important housing decisions - Dr Courtney Wright, The Hopkins Centre
Impact of central obesity and body composition on energy needs and wound healing in people with spinal cord injury undergoing surgical repair of chronic pressure injuries - Amy Nevin, Metro South Health
Integrating an evidence-based clinical exercise physiology service model into a comprehensive multiprofessional rehabilitation service for people with brain impairment: an Intergrated knowledge translation approach - Dr Kelly Clanchy, Griffith University
Person-Centred Rehabilitation A Learning & Development Package for Rehabilitation Teams - Delena Amsters, Division of Rehabilitation, Metro South Health

Candid Conversations 

A highlight of the day was a recorded candid conversations session about the public image and perceptions of people with disability with Emma Griffiths, host of ABC Brisbane radio show, ‘Focus’. Emma’s interview with Nick Rushworth, CEO of Brain Injury Australia, Belinda Adams, advocate for people with disability, and Tim McCallum, international singer and advocate for people living with disability, revealed the extraordinary efforts of three individuals to bring dignity to the lives of people living with disability and to change society’s thinking about disability.

Listen to these conversations recorded and reloaded for ABC 'Focus' radio show at the link below and at



Community and consumer films

Hear from some of our consumers and symposium attendees who shared their highlights and outcomes from the day as well as their views about why research and building credible evidence in Rehabilitation is so important to all Australians.


Symposium Presentations

Click here to view or download a copy of the symposium presentations. Contact The Hopkins Centre to connect with any speakers or for further details.

Please note, that research data has been removed from presentations.