Our research streams are a mechanism for clustering clinicians and academics around important aspects of service delivery and rehabilitation practice. They support the development of synergies across streams by deliberately highlighting the intersections between services, practices, workforces, consumers, environments and families.

The core streams are:

Optimising service systems and transitions

Developing and translating therapeutic practices and technologies

Enhancing service user experiences and promoting engagement

Building workforce and frontline capacity

Promoting positive environments


Two emerging areas are:

Responding to Diversity and Cultural Context

This stream aims to understand the impact of culture, minority status, language barriers and other culturally defined challenges for the rehabilitation system with a view to improving the capacity of the system to respond and the ability of end-users to engage effectively to maximise outcomes.

Early Intervention for Lifelong Wellbeing 

This stream focuses on the ways in which we can prevent deterioration, long-term disability or developmental delay by intervening early and intensively. It focuses on both clinical and social interventions that can improve outcomes for people with disabilities or at risk of significant disablement.