Pim Kuipers

Academic & Research Interests:

  • Health services research
  • Community based rehabilitation and international health
  • Consumer and family member engagement in health services
  • Qualitative methods
  • Rural, remote and Indigenous health

Professional Activities:

  • Editor, Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development Journal.
  • Registered psychologist 
  • Executive Committee Member Australian Disability and Development Coalition
  • Panel member, DEEWR Endeavour Awards
  • Committee Member, International Research Committee, Leprosy Mission
  • Regional Council Member (Research) Asia Pacific CBR Network
  • Convenor Asia-Pacific CBR Research Network

Publications 2016-2017

1. Amsters D, Schuurs S, Pershouse K, Power B, Harestad Y, Kendall M, Kuipers P: Factors Which Facilitate or Impede Interpersonal Interactions and Relationships after Spinal Cord Injury: A Scoping Review with Suggestions for Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Research and Practice 2016, 2016.
2. Amsters DI, Kendall MB, Kuipers P, Schuurs SB: The Person-Environment Profile: Preliminary Development of a Clinical Tool for Enhancing Goal-Based Rehabilitation Programs. Rehabilitation Process and Outcome 2016, 5:65.
3. Carr J, Kendall M, Amsters D, Pershouse K, Kuipers P, Buettner P, Barker R: Community participation for individuals with spinal cord injury living in Queensland, Australia. Spinal Cord 2016.
4. Currin M, Patterson S, McGhee H, Kuipers P: Embedding Socio-Behavioral Frameworks in Community Rehabilitation: Evaluation of a Service Change Program. Physical & Occupational Therapy In Geriatrics 2016, 34(2-3):141-154.
5. Doig E, Prescott S, Fleming J, Cornwell P, Kuipers P: Reliability of the Client-Centeredness of Goal Setting (C–COGS) Scale in Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation. American Journal of Occupational Therapy 2016, 70(4):7004290010p7004290011-7004290010p7004290018.
6. Kuipers P, Lindeman MA, Grant L, Dingwall K: Front-line worker perspectives on Indigenous youth suicide in Central Australia: initial treatment and response. Advances in Mental Health 2016, 14(2):106-117.
7. Kuipers P, Sabuni LP: Community-based rehabilitation and disability-inclusive development: On a winding path to an uncertain destination. In: Disability in the Global South. edn.: Springer International Publishing; 2016: 453-467.
8. Nund RL, Scarinci NA, Cartmill B, Ward EC, Kuipers P, Porceddu SV: Third-party disability in carers of people with dysphagia following non-surgical management for head and neck cancer. Disability and rehabilitation 2016, 38(5):462-471.
9. Suharto S, Kuipers P, Dorsett P: Disability terminology and the emergence of ‘diffability’in Indonesia. Disability & Society 2016, 31(5):693-712.

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