Michele Foster

Michele Foster


Professor Foster’s research focuses on: (1) health services and policy research with an emphasis on financing, governance and administration of services and programs for people with complex health needs and disability; (2) street-level implementation of policy initiatives and reforms; and (3) user experiences of health, rehabilitation and disability service systems.  As a systems and policy researcher her main focus is on the policy-practice nexus and how health, rehabilitation and disability services and systems operate and transform.  Professor Foster’s track record includes over $7.5 million in research grants, fellowships and service improvement grants; and 75 publications, including an edited book, 7 book chapters, 56 peer reviewed papers and 11 research reports.

Publications 2016-2017

Carmont, S., Mitchell, G., Senior, H., & Foster, M. (2017). A systematic review of the effectiveness, barriers and facilitators to general practitioner engagement with specialist secondary services in integrated palliative care. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, Accepted for publication 19 January 2017.
Anderson, K., Foster, M., Freeman, C., Luetsch, K., & Scott, I. (2017). Negotiating ‘unmeasurable harm and benefit’ – perspectives of general practitioners and consultant pharmacists on deprescribing in the primary care setting. Qualitative Health Research. doi.org/10.1177/1049732316687732://doi.org/10.1177/1049732316687732
Finch, E., Foster, M., Fleming, J., Aitken, P., Williams, I., Cruwys, T., & Worrall, L. (2017). Undetected and underserved: The untold story of minor stroke patients. Medical Journal of Australia, 206 (8).
Burridge, L., Foster, M., Donald, M., Zhang, J., Russell, A., & Jackson, C. (2016). A qualitative follow-up study of diabetes patients’ appraisal of an integrated diabetes service in primary care. Health & Social Care in the Community. 
McIntyre, D., Fleming, J., Foster, M., & Tweedy, S. (2016). Experiences of adults with high care needs and their family members with housing and support pathways in Australia. Disability and Rehabilitation. 
Harvey, D., Foster, M., Quigley, R., & Strivens, E. (2016). Improving care coordination for community dwelling older people: a longitudinal qualitative study. Australian Health Review, Accepted for publication March 2016. 
Anderson, K., Foster, M., Freeman, C., & Scott, I. (2016). Planning, implementing and evaluating a multi-faceted intervention to reduce inappropriate polypharmacy in primary care – co-creation opportunities in a pilot study. Medical Journal of Australia, 204(7), S41-S43.
Foster, M., Henman, P., Tilse, C., Fleming, J., Allen, S. & Harrington. R. (2016). ‘Reasonable and necessary’ care: the challenge of operationalising the NDIS policy principle in allocating disability care in Australia. Australian Journal of Social Issues, 51(1), 27-46. 
Foster, M., Burridge, L., Donald, M., Zhang, J., & Jackson, C. (2016). The work of local healthcare innovation: a qualitative study of GP-led integrated diabetes care in primary health care. BMC Health Services Research, 16, 11p. 
Foster, M., Henman, P., Gable, A., & Denton, M. (2016). Population health performance as primary health care governance in Australia: Professionals and the politics of performance. Policy Studies, 37(6), 521-534.  [CC=1]

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