Kerrin Watter

Kerrin Watter

Kerrin is a clinical practicing speech pathologist with a speciality in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. She currently works as the Clinical Lead for the new Acquired Brain Injury Transitional Rehabilitation Service at PA Hospital.
Kerrin’s interests include evidence based practice, translational research and service delivery models for early brain injury rehabilitation. Kerrin is currently completing her PhD on developing an evidence-based intervention and service delivery model for cognitive-communication reading comprehension deficits in early ABI rehabilitation.

Publications 2016-2017

Watter, K., Copley, A. & Finch, (2017). Discourse level reading comprehension interventions following acquired brain injury: A systematic review. Disability & Rehabilitation, 39(4): 315-337.

Watter, K., Copley, A. & Finch, E. (2016). Treating reading comprehension deficits in sub-acute brain injury rehabilitation: identifying clinical practice and management. Journal of Communication Disorders, 64: 110-132.

Watter K., Finch, E. & Copley, A. (2016). Delivering a new, multiple-strategy reading intervention during sub-acute brain injury rehabilitation: Treatment development and preliminary findings. Brain Injury, 30:5-6, 499-500, DOI: 10.3109/02699052.2016.1162060

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