Professor Heidi Zeeman and NIISQ

Professor Heidi Zeeman and NIISQ

Published 2nd August 2016

Fifty per cent of people who sustain serious personal injuries in a motor vehicle accident are not covered by Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. To address this gap, the Queensland Government has introduced the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland which provides lifetime treatment, care and support, regardless of who’s at fault. The Queensland Government believes that a serious crash shouldn’t leave anyone exposed. The Scheme provides people with serious personal injuries sustained in a Queensland motor vehicle accident with treatment, care and support to undertake their daily activities and maximise their independence.

It will give more choice and certainty to individuals and by improving health outcomes, it will assist injured people, their families and carers to participate in their community. Professor Heidi Zeeman from Griffith University shares her story. Find out more at


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