Accelerating technology uptake during a pandemic: enabling and extending delivery of rehabilitation

About the Project

COVID-19 significantly disrupted the delivery of healthcare, especially in areas that require physical interaction, such as disability and rehabilitation. Although existing technology could enable remote interventions, its widespread adoption is limited. In this project, a Technology Assessment and Adoption framework will be co-designed across multiple stakeholders, to accelerate and facilitate the uptake of remote technology in rehabilitation settings across Queensland.  

Accelerating the adoption of technological solution in healthcare requires clinical and end-user involvement throughout the development process, but this involvement is rare. The Framework will be co-designed increasing the relevant of solutions and likelihood of successful adoption. The framework will advise providers and guide technology and device companies.


Research Team 


Dr Camila Shirota, Advanced Queensland Fellow, Research Lead @ HabITec 

Ms Soo Oh, Advanced Occupational Therapist, Clinical Fellow, The Hopkins Centre, Clinical lead – HabITec

Prof Timothy Geraghty, A/Director Medical Services & Chair Division of Rehabilitation, Metro South Health 

Ms Frances Porter, Executive Manager Business Development, Spinal Life Australia 

Dr Leslie Gan, Co-Director Rehabilitation, Logan Hospital, Metro South Health 

Dr Ben Chen, Director of Rehabilitation. Gold Coast University Hospital, Gold Coast Health 

Dr Antonio Padilha Lanari Bo, Research Fellow Biomedical Engineering, University of Queensland 

Dr Cori Stewart, CEO ARM Hub




Advance Queensland, Queensland Government  

Division of Rehabilitation, Metro South Health 

Menzies Health Institute Queensland 

Motor Accident Insurance Commission 

Spinal Life Australia 

Rehabilitation Unit, Gold Coast University Hospital 

ARM Hub 

Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Queensland 


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