Integrating an Evidence-Based Clinical Exercise Physiology Service Model into a Comprehensive Multiprofessional Rehabilitation Service for People with Brain Impairment: A Translation Approach

About the Project

The impact of this project is to enhance the prospect of the successful incorporation of the Clinical Exercise Physiology service by: 1) establishing a working group that will bring together leading researchers and practitioners in the field to ensure key elements of successful translation are incorporated; 2) developing training materials specific for use in ABI-TRS for the promotion of physical activity participation in adults with acquired brain injury; 3) upskilling of ABI-TRS practitioners in the use of evidence-based strategies and theoretical frameworks for behaviour change that can be applied in multidisciplinary practice; and 4) development of plan for the successful translation of the practice-specific evidence into clinical practice that has been evaluated by leading practitioners and researchers in the field.

This project aims to develop a model for the effective translation of a physical activity promotion intervention into current clinical practice for the Acquired Brain Injury Transitional Rehabilitation Service (ABI-TRS). The methods undertaken aim to increase the likelihood of successful translation through generating context specific materials and engaging clinicians as the end-users and key stakeholders in the knowledge generation and translation process. It is proposed that the successful translation of this intervention will result in enhanced participation and quality of life for ABI-TRS clients.

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