Dignity Project Article in The Conversation Yearbook 2023

In 2023, a year filled with pivotal moments, the world witnessed significant developments both within Australia and beyond. The Conversation brings academics and journalists together to explore these critical issues, offering well-researched insights aimed at enlightening both the general public and policymakers. The team at The Conversation compile an annual, softcover Yearbook, which brings together a comprehensive collection of the most impactful and important pieces from The Conversation, throughout 2023.

The Conversation Yearbook '2023: A Year of Consequence: essays that got the world talking' is a selection of 49 articles which articulated the key areas of focus for 2023. The Hopkins Centre is proud to announce that The Dignity Project was one of those that were hand-picked. The article Disability and Dignity - 4 things to think about if you want to 'help was featured in the spotlighted in the "searching for identity and belonging" segment of this exclusive publication. It was the only article included by Griffith University academics and certainly highlights the impact and importance of not only disability research but also the practical impacts of research in the wider community. 

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Congratulatons Kelsey Chapman & team for this impressive achievement! 


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