Exciting achievement for Adjudicating Rights for the NDIS project. 

Exciting achievement for Adjudicating Rights for the NDIS project. 

The Adjudicating Rights project is helping shape the future of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The Adjudicating Rights for a Sustainable National Disability Insurance Scheme project, funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Program Grant, is addressing critical challenges faced by the government in resource allocation and decision-making within the NDIS. With a three-year timeline and a multidisciplinary approach, the project has been shedding light on how key stakeholders and policy-makers can embed fairness and justice into NDIS administration.

The impact of this project is growing, with these impressive achievements:

  • The Adjudicating Rights research referenced an impressive 4 times in the NDIS Review Final Report, released January 2024; "Working Together to Deliver the NDIS", out of over 4,000 submissions.
  • The Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs tabled the report of its Inquiry into the Administrative Review Tribunal Bill 2023 and the Administrative Review Tribunal (Consequential and Transitional Provisions No.1) Bill 2023, in February, 2024. The submission by the Adjudicating Rights in the NDIS research team, focused on NDIS appeals, has been cited seven times in the report. The report is now available on the inquiry website.

These achievements underscore the project's significance in influencing policy and shaping the discourse on justice, fairness, and support decisions and championing transparency, inclusivity, and informed public discussion to make the NDIS a fair and sustainable model, not just for Australians but as an international exemplar.


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