Just released: The Advocate magazine featuring The Hopkins Centre

Check out the latest edition of the Advocate magazine from our affiliate partner Spinal Life Australia.Click here to view.

This edition is a commonwealth games special celebrating honorary life members and the latest advocacy campaigns. This years commonwealth games features the largest para-sports program in the events history.

The Hopkins Centre is featured in the publication focusing on translating research into practice (page 24).

A special mention to:

  • Medical Chair and Deputy Director Professor Timothy Geraghty, who was recognised at Spinal Life Australia's Annual General Meeting for his significant contribution to their organisations and was awarded an Honorary Life Membership (page 22)
  • Dr Pat Dorsett for her work in post polio community awareness, support, member network and education programs (page 27)
  • The launch of The Hopkins Centre was featured in the address at the Governors of Queensland Government house event on the International day of people with disability (page 37)


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