Worlds Biggest Beanie for Brain Injury Awareness

Belinda Adams and has been advocating for brain injury awareness for many years now as a mother of a son with a TBI, as a Carer and as an Ambassador for the Hopkins Centre.

We have come a long way with incredible work being done by change makers around the globe but we still have a long way to go. How powerful our voices could be if we unite in a shared mission to create a big wave of awareness!

Needlework has long been associated with activism for a cause and there is no greater cause than one that is for people that are still fighting for equity in access to resources due to the invisible nature of brain injury.

So let's make the world's biggest beanie to elevate our mission and amplify our voices. By contributing one small 20 cm x 20 cm square, knitted or crocheted, we can connect people around the world in a common cause to make a difference. 

With a goal of 13,500 it's time to get knitting.

Campaign Flyer with lime green background and knitting-related cartoons images

Please reach out to me at with any queries.

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