Inclusive Housing Development: Developing and Testing a Decision System (ARC Linkage Grant ID: LP140100446)

About the Project


Inclusive housing is complex and in crisis in Australia. This project investigates service users’ perspectives of the features that are most important for their home and the key development drivers that professional stakeholders’ (architects, developers, designers and occupational therapists) identify as most important concerning inclusive housing development. This study tests a better approach to inclusive housing development decision making, combining unmet consumer needs and wants with ‘bottom line’ performance indicators to increase inclusive housing quality and quantity.

Aims of the Project

This project aims to:

  1. Identify, understand and quantify consumer expectations and preferences in relation to supported accommodation.
  2. Examine and quantify the priorities of other key stakeholders in relation to supported accommodation.
  3. Develop a new systematic method of decision making for multiple criteria and multiple stakeholders and determine the effectiveness of this new process compared to usual decision making in relation to supported accommodation.

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