The Dignity Project - Community Hub

The Dignity Project is a research and community building agenda aimed at disrupting stereotypes and breaking through the physical, systematic, and attitudinal barriers that confront people with disabilities and impairments. These barriers often lead to exclusion, marginalization, and undignified treatment. The Dignity Project aims to address these barriers, whether overt or covert, deliberate or unconscious. We acknowledge that to better understand disability reform for the future, we must learn from the past and the stories that would otherwise remain unheard. Through stories, we can illuminate future possibilities, but also pathways that should never again be travelled.

Using a digital engagement and analysis platform, where people with disabilities can share, reinterpret, and analyze collective experiences, The Dignity Project will feature citizens and researchers co-designing service and system innovations for the future.

To take part in the first phase of The Dignity Project research and to share your experience with dignity, click on link. This survey ensures that all people will be able to accessibly and comfortably share about their experiences with dignity, by communicating in the method that best suits them, including but not limited to traditional storytelling, visual media, and voice recording. Each story will be analysed and the insights gained will be shared in surprising ways that can reach and educate all citizens and enact meaningful change. 

To join our growing collaborative platform, The Community Hub, where diverse individuals come together in a supportive and accepting community to co-design a bolder and better society. The Community Hub is a closed group where members can participate in fortnightly forums, questionnaires, discussions and dialogue in order to generate research, address the topics of greatest concern to people with disabilities, and work together to deliver meaningful outcomes and social change that promote dignity. Check back on the 'Have Your Say' page in April for a link to platform. The Community Hub is moderated by Angel Dixon, 2019 QLD Young Australian of the Year.