Get involved in the 'Hopkins Hive

The Hopkins Centre has partnered with MindHive to create our own problem-solving platform - the "Hopkins Hive".
MindHive is cloud-based and enables organisations to gather, share and evaluate ideas with greater speed and flexibility. It offers a creative method of finding new solutions to challenges that might previously have been considered unsolvable. MindHive increases the power of ideas by connecting problem “owners” (Clients) with problem “solvers” (Hivers) to co-design solution.
The Hopkins Hive is our primary portal for collaborative problem-solving and idea sharing. This platform will facilitate access for all our members to a network of 10,000+ policy and strategy experts and the opportunity to participate in solving a range of existing challenges posted by other Hivers. There are many national agencies, local, state and federal government departments, universities, institutes, and consulting groups that crowdsource ideas and solutions through MindHive. 


The 'Hopkins Hive' is currently buzzing with opportunities to make a difference by engaging with experts, sharing bold ideas and seeking innovative solutions.