Hopkins Researcher Dr Camila Shirota, a panellist at ARMhub Health Innovation Forum

What is the future of health innovation? 
The ARM Hub Learning Factory was alive with the future possibilities at the joint event hosted by the ARM Hub and the Queensland Health Office of Research and Innovation. 
Hopkins Researcher Dr Camila Shirota was recently a panellist at The ARMhub Health Innovation Forum. Dr Shirota was joined on the panel by Dr Julie White (Queensland Health), Huy Nguyen (Enabler), Sam James (VALD), and Frances Porter (Spinal Life Australia). 
In addition to the thought provoking panel discussion, smart companies Umbrella Solutions, Innovative Technologies (Robert the Robot is pictured above), Remuve, Enabler, VALD, Conpago, and Omron, demonstrated the amazing capability of next-gen technology to usher in better health outcomes. 
Health Innovation Forum audience members were asked for their views on cutting-edge themes such as robotics, AI, and data analysis in healthcare.  Here's a snapshot of what they said... 
For more details, please scroll down to see this article in the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub | ARM Hub newsletter 


A grey background tile. A purple pie graph sits underneath the statement: "amount of investment in healthcare startups to foster a robust innovation ecosystem" in dark grey, bold lettering. The Pie Chart shows 36% response rate "sufficient" and 64% response rate "insufficient"


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