Improving Transitional Vocational Rehabilitation Support for People with ABI

Hopkins Seed Grant recipients Dr Kerrin Watter and Areti Kennedy recently delivered an implementation project based on research undertaken within the Acquired Brain Injury Transitional Rehabilitation Service (ABI TRS), Division of Rehabilitation, PA Hospital. This project deliverables included the development of a suite of clinical tools and resources to support the implementation of the ABI vocational framework into clinical practice, including developing the ‘ABI TRS Vocational Rehabilitation Framework Implementation Manual’ resource; and creating a two-part workshop series that supports clinicians to translate and implement the ABI vocational rehabilitation framework and associated tools to other clinical settings in Queensland. The two-part workshop series was delivered in November 2022 and held at Griffith University, Southbank Campus.

Workshop 1 provided an overview of the development of the ABI vocational rehabilitation framework (e.g., research base; clinical-research journey; framework development) and introduced the clinical tools that support translation of the framework components into practice at ABI TRS.

Workshop 2 was a formal translation and implementation workshop. It used implementation science tools and theories of behaviour change to assist workshop participants to translate components of the framework to their own clinical practice, and then commence a plan for implementation, including planning strategies to address identified barriers. 


Participant feedback: 

Participants’ most valued components:

Workshop 1: clinical resources shared on the day (including worked examples), clinical examples,  history / process for framework development

Workshop 2: practice tasks, worked examples, models and tools used to support change and implementation


Other feedback

“Fantastic. Practical info, engaging presenters.”

“Impressed with generosity and sharing of knowledge and resources – Thanks.”

“Excellent. Appreciate the generosity and openness in sharing your knowledge, framework and resources.”

“Great example of translating research into practice.”

“Great atmosphere.”

“Thank you for sharing.”

“Brilliant presentation. Practical + resourceful.”

“Valuable, and presented in a very approachable / practical way.”

“I really enjoyed the practical aspects of the workshop – breaking down my goals + working out how to implement + change management processes.”     

“…good to apply to other changes.”


Workshop participants facing a projector screen and Kerrin Watter speaking at the front of the room.

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