Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week 2023

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week (SCIAW) is an important awareness week for people living with spinal cord injury (SCI), rehabilitation service providers, industry, and the wider community. It is a time to get informed about the challenges people with SCI face in daily life, and the often simple actions that you can take towards inclusion and ensuring better access for the 4.4 million people living with disability in Australia. 

This year, the focus is on employment and the workforce, with the theme of #SCIAW23 being Enable your business: employ people with disability. 

A SCIAW banner with a dark blue background on the left and a slightly lighter blue background on the right hand side, divided by vertical, jaggered bars of orange and pink. On the left is the acronym SCIAW 2023 with a spine replacing the "I". On the right is the theme for this year's SCIAW.

Many of our research projects at The Hopkins Centre are SCI-related, including the following: 

Our website it also a storehouse for a huge array of publications on the topic of SCI, with the most relevant publications to this years SCIAW theme including:

Throughout SCIAW, we will be posting stories about our spinal cord injury research, as well as highlighting the incredible work of our partner organisations and Ambassadors. Please look out for these stories, follow them and share them. Stay tuned for more information to come on our research projects, researchers and partnerships via our website and on twitter @hopkins_centre and LinkedIn @The Hopkins Centre

You can also get informed about some of the benefits of employing people with disability or find out more information about SCI from our affiliate partner Spinal Life Australia.


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