The new Millennium Development Goals and Inclusive Development

The new Millennium Development Goals and Inclusive Development

Published 21st August 2012

Kuipers P.

Purpose: To examine the relevance of the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF) to CBR monitoring and evaluation by investigating the relationship  between the ICF and information in published CBR monitoring and evaluation reports. Method: A three-stage literature search and analysis method was employed. Studies were identified via online database searches for peer-reviewed journal articles, and handsearching of CBR network resources, NGO websites and specific journals. From each study ‘information items’ were extracted; extraction consistency among authors was established. Finally, the resulting information items were coded to ICF domains and categories, with consensus on coding being achieved. Results: Thirty-six articles relating to monitoring and evaluating CBR were selected for analysis. Approximately one third of the 2,495 information items identified in these articles (788 or 32%) related to concepts of functioning, disability and environment, and could be coded to the ICF. These information items were spread across the entire ICF classification with a concentration on Activities and Participation (49% of the 788 information items) and Environmental Factors (42%). Conclusions: The ICF is a relevant and potentially useful framework and classification, providing building blocks for the systematic recording of information pertaining to functioning and disability, for CBR monitoring and evaluation.


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